Manav K.C.

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Right from the origination of the idea of first, second and third country, there is always an approach to develop underdeveloped countries from the perspective and methods of developed countires. However time has proved time and again that particular place/people of particular time needs particular type of approach, I mean no single trickle down approach can meet the global goal, there always should be a holistic approach.
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Be it for the development issue or HEALTH issue more specifically, you can't apply a single approch universally. For the west medical insurance can be a major issue however for a remote village a clean water alone can reduce major health problems. Just like China, once when they campaigned to provide pure water, this alone reduced more than fifty percent of the mortal rate.

So, Best of luck for the success of PHM in their effort of The People's Charter for Health. When the effort gives prioriy on "people" not on "method" then, it is more likely to be successful.

Thank you so very much for your great endeavour

I endorse the People's Charter for Health: