People's Health Assembly, London 7 - 9 October 2016

The London People’s Health Movement (PHM), in collaboration with local organisations in East London, and the UK and European PHM, invite you to attend a People’s Health Assembly (PHA) on the 7th – 9th October

What is the People’s Health Movement?

PHM is a global network bringing together grassroots health activists, civil society organizations and academic institutions from around the world. PHM operates at different levels and on different issues in different countries. What is shared, however, is the commitment to strive for social justice and the right to health.

What is a PHA?

People’s Health Assemblies are gatherings organised by PHM, ranging from large global events to small activities with a local focus. Common to all is that they provide a space for sharing experiences, mutual learning and joint strategizing for future actions. They are also about having fun. The East London PHA will follow the PHM tradition of a participatory approach, building on local knowledge and strengthening local networks in the continuing struggle for health. Click here for the: PHA Flyer with the programme.

Why attend this event?

Recent political events have laid bare the divisions that run through our society. The PHA will provide the opportunity to learn more about the impact of these on our health; to network with others; and to share skills and strategies to challenge these measures.

The PHA will explore these concerns at two levels. Feel free to attend any/all as relevant.

i)   An East London focus on 7th and 8th October bringing together local organisations to look at the fractures within East London, how they affect us, and how people are mobilising to fight back and ensure better physical and mental health outcomes.

ii)  A UK and European focus on 9th October, attended by European PHM members from 8 countries; building on the experience and activities of the wider network, using the opportunity as another step in the strengthening of our movement in both the UK and Europe.

How to register:

To register for this event, please book tickets on the PHA Eventbrite page:

This event is free, but booking is required to given an indication of numbers. Please book by 18.00 October 6th 2016.

For more information about this event, or PHM, contact [email protected]


PHM solidarity with Turkish academics

This is the text of the public letter that PHM has officially sent to the government and university authorities in Turkey. Cape Town, September 9th 2016

We, the People's Health Movement, stand in solidarity with our friends and colleagues in Turkey who are suffering from not only threats, but also prosecution after standing for the just cause of peace. As a global movement for the right to health active in more than 70 countries around the world, we are particularly concerned with the unjust treatment that our colleagues are facing, including severe restriction of their right to speech and of free movement, and more broadly for the silencing of critical voices that are so relevant in defending and promoting right to health of the population.

We have learned that, in the latest mass purge that occurred the night of September 1st, members of “Academics for Peace” and Education and of the Science Workers Union (Eğitim-SEN) have been permanently removed from their positions in public higher education institutions. More than 41 signatories of the peace petition “We will not be a party to this crime” were deemed “supporters of terrorism” and banned from public service, alongside with more than 40,000 public service employees. Dismissed under the conditions of the state of emergency, they will neither be able to appeal the decision nor to work in the public sector for a lifetime; their passports will also be revoked. Read the full letter and click link to the original call
Urgent call for solidarity

Urgent call for solidarity _ Appel à la solidarité avec les Universitaires pour la Paix en Turquie

Urgent Call for Solidarity!

Members of “Academics for Peace” and Education and Science Workers Union (Eğitim-SEN) have been removed from their positions in public higher education institutions permanently! In January 2016, 2,218 scholars from Turkey signed a petition titled “We will not be a party to this crime,” also known as the Peace Petition. Since then the signatories (“Academics for Peace”) have been subject to heavy pressure and persecution. Hundreds of them have faced criminal and disciplinary investigations, custody, imprisonment, or violent threats. Several academics have been dismissed or suspended, some were forced to resign or leave the country. Read full details.

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Latest Campaign Updates

Peoples Health Movement Tanzania invites you to participate in its Annual Health policy dialogue on 9th August 2016 at COSTECH Conference Hall ground floor from 9:00hrs-12:00hrs. The aim of this policy discussion is to bring all health activists on board...
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