Global Health Watch 5: A Call for Case Studies

The Global Health Watch is an alternative World Health Report that incorporates the voices of marginalized people and civil society into discussions around social justice and global health.

The Global Health Watch aims to:

  • Monitor the activities of global institutions
  • Shift the health policy agenda to recognize the political, social and economic determinants of health
  • Provide a forum for global civil society to question and challenge the influence of neoliberalism on health and global health policy
  • Make recommendations for change and highlight alternatives

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How you can contribute:

We have identified broad areas to be covered in the 5th issue of the Watch, which is officially scheduled for release in the end of 2017.  We are now seeking your assistance in sourcing case studies that can add value to each of these important topics. These case studies and testimonies will form part of the electronic accompaniment to the development of the Watch and in some cases may also appear in the electronic or print edition of the Watch. The case studies will amplify and give a more personal voice to the contents of the Watch. They will also make the issues more accessible and meaningful to readers who may be able to see their own experiences reflected in the experiences of others.

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