People's Health Movement 2016 Annual Report

Since its inception in 2000, PHM has played an increasing and significant role in global health: increasing capacity of community activists to participate in global health; monitoring global health policies and governance; and providing publication and a platform for engagement, advocacy and action around health for all. Much of this work has been carried out on a limited budget, with a small secretariat, and drawing significantly on volunteers. Despite resource constraints, during the course of 2016 PHM strengthened and expanded, particularly in Europe and in West and Central Africa. Global and regionally, we used opportunities that arose to have face to face interactions, meetings, seminars, International People’s Health Universities and regional assemblies were held in Europe, Africa, North America and Latin America. These interactions assisted with harnessing new energy and organized action.

Click on the following link to read more on the achievements and challenges in 2016: PHM Anuual Report 2016