PHM at PMAC: A safer fairer world

“A safer fairer world: exploring political economy perspectives on 
emerging infectious diseases; their prevention and control”

The People’s Health Movement

will be holding this important side event 
at PMAC 2018

Tuesday 30 Jan 
from 14:00 – 17:30 
in Lotus suite 14 on the 23rd Floor.


This side event will explore:

·              the ways in which the globalisation of food systems is contributing to the generation of new infectious diseases;

·              the role of the international pharmaceutical industry in driving the inappropriate use of antimicrobials and the rising threat of a post-antibiotic world;

·              the regulatory capacity of the prevailing global governance regime in relation to food systems and pharmaceutical company practices in the context of extraterritorial obligations associated human rights instruments, including proposals for a global treaty to regulate transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights; and

·              the funding of global health security initiatives and alternative ways of paying for the necessary regulatory and control initiatives.


               1.       David Sanders: Food systems, land use and the genesis of epidemic threat,

2.       Amit Sengupta: The empty antibiotics pipeline: global accountability for investment in new drugs,  

3.       Fran Baum: Global regulation of transnational corporations: extra territorial obligations of countries and human rights obligations of corporations,

4.       David Legge:  Equitable financing for global health security.

There will be ample time for discussion.

Expected output/ outcome

The issues we are dealing with are complex and contested and we do not anticipate generating a ‘consensus’ outcome.  However, the presentation of the relevant research and analysis and the exchange of views regarding implications for action will enrich the subsequent deliberations of the Conference.