The PHM Sri Lanka is launching a Policy Statement on HIV/AIDS

14 Jan 2008
Following a decision taken at a Workshop held on 11 December 2007 under the guidance of ILO Resource personnel to prepare and finalize a Policy on HIV/AIDS, Sri Lanka People's Health Movement (PHM) has completed this task.

We have decided to launch the Policy on Saturday, 19 January 2008 at 10.00 a.m. at the Nagarodaya Centre in Borella, Colombo 8.


  1. Awareness and training programmes as well as open discussions should be held for both employers/ employees of all government and non-governmental organizations.
  2. Any person who has become inflected with any form of HIV/AIDS should not be separated and no discriminatory treatment should be meted out to such a person and his/her job security should be maintained and such people should be well recognized and should be duly respected.
  3. Should not be gender biased and special attention should be paid to the security of women and a programme should be planned in this regard.
  4. All employers should initiate action in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Professional Security and Health Policy No. 155 of 1981 for prevention of HIV/AIDS. The place of work and the environment should be hygienically strengthened so as to ensure that all sectors are active in this regard.
  5. It is essential that all those affected and threatened with HIV/AIDS should get involved in training and awareness programmes implemented by the organization.
  6. No blood samples should be taken from such individuals with the aim of obstructing them from applying for jobs and for those who are already employed.
  7. No questions should be raised to get personal details pertaining to the affliction from those who apply for jobs and those already in service.
  8. For those who are living with HIV/AIDS should not be a reason for termination of service.
  9. Suitable methodologies should be utilized and a relevant environment created in the control and for protective activities pertaining to people who are living with HIV/AIDS.
  10. Steps should be taken to initiate action to get the benefits without any differences accruing from the social security work programmes held for those who are living with HIV/AIDS and their dependents.




Sirimal Peiris, on behalf of People's Health Movement Sri Lanka
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