PHM-Oz Adelaide Meeting of SA people November 30

Paul Laris

The meeting was held in the Bice Building of the Department of Public health, Adelaide University to hear reports from local PHM people who have returned form the 2nd People’s Health Assembly (PHA2) held in Cuenca, Ecuador in June. Fran Baume chaired the meeting and introduced the speakers. Frank Tesoriero, Paul Laris, Liz Sanders and Monica Chiappe spoke.

Frank described the journey of development from PHA1 held several years ago in Bangladesh to Ecuador 2005. He highlighted the importance of a growing consciousness of common issues including the barriers of poverty, war and isolation. Paul described the process of conscientisation happening across the South American continent and the central role of popular social movements in political reform and social justice. Liz described the important role of indigenous Australians at the conference and reported on the stereotypical way in which Aboriginal Australians are seen by much of the world. of Monica told of her experiences in meeting and talking with local indigenous activists and the inspiring commitment they have made to the struggle for health. The focus on local people’s stories and the successes of organising for health were highlighted with some brilliant photos (courtesy of Frank) of the conference and the host city. The speakers’ PowerPoint presentations are being placed on this site.
Fran reported back on the development of the Cuenca Declaration and the launch of the alternative world health report: Global health Watch. This important report provides a clearer and more disturbing perspective than that of the WHO World health Report and is available free for download at The meeting then discussed options for PHM-Oz in SA. These included:
* Building links to projects in developing countries that would enable skill sharing and work on overseas projects
* Telling the stories of the struggle for health – through web sites and greater use of community radio (as suggested by Nikki Page from Radio Adelaide)
* Support for the development of a national primary health care policy
* Developing a campus presence to encourage recruitment of uni students.
Thanks to Professor Janet Hiller for use of the room, and to Jackie Street for organising access.
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