Statement on behalf of the People’s Health Assembly in Nottingham July, 2012

19 Jul 2012

Our gathering
We, as signatories of this statement, express our protest at the current economic, social & political world order. We stand in solidarity with a global assembly of the People’s Health Movement in Cape Town and share their energy & vision for a better future. We convey our outrage at the remaining inequalities both within and between countries despite previous commitments at the global, national and local levels. We express our support for the People’s Charter for Health and reinforce health as a fundamental human right.

Our assembly
We have heard:

  • How common definitions of health neglect the social model which conceptualises health through the conditions in which we live, connect, work & learn.
  • How the financial crisis, conflict, climate change & reforms to our public services are impacting on health & social inequality
  • Of the need for popular engagement & creative actions to express our protest to concentration of power in the hands of the few
  • How community organising through relationships & institutions should reinforce our advocacy using values to motivate others
  • The ways in which corporate interests impact on policy & on our health and corrupt democracy

Our vision

We reaffirm the vision outlined in the People’s Charter of 2000, that:

Equity, ecologically‐sustainable development and peace are at the heart of our vision of a better world ‐ a world in which a healthy life for all is a reality; a world that respects, appreciates and celebrates all life and diversity; a world that enables the flowering of people's talents and abilities to enrich each other; a world in which people's voices guide the decisions that shape our lives. There are more than enough resources to achieve this vision.

We believe that a new economic, political & social order is essential and possible through the message of health for all.

Our commitments

We commit to continuing our conversations about reclaiming the systems which impact on our health & to communicating an alternative vision of health for all through new discourses & struggle.

We pledge to organise locally connect globally. We further pledge:

1) To collectively develop a manifesto for health with networks already active in the field of health & social justice
2) In recognition of the need for strong & broad-based local networks to return to our communities and build a movement from the bottom-up through community organising & engagement
3) Come together again in solidarity by January 2013 with friends, organisations & networks in health to develop our people’s movement for health.

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