PHM-NSC in solidarity with Dr. Govinda KC

14 Jan 2014

Here at IoM, the Institute of Medicine, Nepal, Prof. Dr. Govinda KC began his fast-unto-death against political appointment of the dean. The Tribhuvan University Executive Council appointed Dr.Sashi Sharma dean of IoM only a month after Dr. Prakash Sayami had resigned amid unrelenting pressure regarding granting affiliations to new medical colleges. Dr. KC has demanded that the government stop affiliating new medical colleges, end political interference in IoM and take action against the present concerned office bearers of the university.
This campaign is directed against those selling the credit of the institute whilst affiliating other institutes for medical education in Nepal. TUTH, a pioneering institute which has produced over thousands of health workers, has been suffering political interventions for the last few years. This institute which was one of the best in South Asia is ruining, firstly because of corruption therein, and, secondly, mafia paying high for affiliations to the institutions with poor academic and administrative quality.

Nepal officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, which is in current political turmoil, is seeing a growth in private investment in health care delivery and medical education. For the last few years, the volume of money that people have been spending on health from their pockets, and corporations which have been pouring their money into health are both going exponentially high. For developing countries like Nepal, it is always difficult for the governments to spend their own money on health and medical education from their own resources; this, however, does not imply that the government should stop their own investment in health, and let their door open for private sectors. Here we don’t know where the money for private sectors is coming in Nepal-mafias or somewhere else, we don’t know.

People's Health Movement Nepal and its student coalition is in strong solidarity with Dr. Govinda KC. PHM has long been voicing against the privatization of health and medical education. We see that the current crisis is just the glimpse of what the privatization of medical education will create in the future.

Here we are calling upon you to support Dr. Govinda KC for his noble intentions.

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