PHM Oz: Health impacts of Trans-National Corporations: a research agenda

4 Mar 2014

A hallmark of the late 20th century was the facilitation of global commerce. Our world is now increasingly shaped by the policies and practices of Trans-National Corporations (TNCs) that exert power over a growing range of factors in daily life, including environments, diets and behaviours. This isaided by new communications technology, extensive marketing and public relations, distribution channels,and growing industry consolidation. TNCs have become the most powerful, pervasive, and dominantinfluence in the world with potential to both contribute to and more significantly damage health. Much public health research and advocacy work has focused on the health-damaging practices and strategies in relation to specific products, companies or industry sectors that directly impact on health. It has alsoconsidered broader corporate practices that impact more indirectly, including tax arrangements and the undermining of public health regulation and legislation.


In South Australia we are at the start of designing a research project to examine Transnational Corporations and their impact on health.   We are in the middle of conducting a literature review on the health impact of TNCs and over the next year will be designing an international research project to examine their impact in more detail including through case studies of particular TNCs. We’d really like to hear from other PHM members who would like to partner with us in this research. So if you have case study examples or would like to join our research team please let us know.

Fran Baum ([email protected]) and Julia Anaf ([email protected]) People’s Health Movement - Australia


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