PHM Europe: Health care delivery and financing: non commercial goods

24 Mar 2014

Members of PHM Europe participated to the conference of the International Association of Health Policy (IAHP), that was held in Antwerp in December 2013. Background to the conference was the fact that the economic crisis in Europe is used as an opportunity to further commoditize health care delivery and financing, as it happened in previous decades in Africa and Latin America. While the economic crisis has virtually paralyzed debates on social policies, other continents already provide a wealth of evidence on the harmful consequences of such neoliberal health system reforms.In IAHP analysis, the commoditization of health care delivery and financing must be fiercely resisted on the basis of this evidence.


Several PHM Europe representatives brought contributions to the conference, particularly in the session dedicated to health activism where Alexis Benos shared the experience of struggles in Greece, while Feride Aksu spoke on recent activism and repression in Turkey. Chiara Bodini, PHM Europe coordinator, highlighted the need to build and strengthen a global movement for the right to health, starting from acknowledging power relations (including inside and between our organisations); she added that only through leverages that can shift the power balance people’s rights will be claimed back.


A side event to the conference, dedicated to social movements, was hosted in Brussels by the Belgian Network for Health and Solidarity, a reality that is playing a key role in promoting synergies across European social movements, civil society associations and trade unions in defence of public health systems and for the broader right to health.


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