No to corporate power!

3 Jul 2014

June 24-26, Claudio Schuftan, PHM representative on the global Steering Committee of the PHM, attended a meeting organized by FIAN and TNI (Transnational Institute) to discuss the role and responsibilities of TNCs in the food sector, to prepare the strategy towards the upcoming International Conference on Nutrition (ICN+2, November 2014) and to accompany and lobby for the Human Rights Council vote on setting up a workgroup to regulate TNCs' resposibilities in the future. The resolution was approved and it was a reason for celebration. A street action was carried out immediately before.
Susana Barria from the global secretariat of the PHM was also there and both represented PHM positions on these issues.
" It was great to take part in this week of action and to spend time with all sister and brother activists.   Brilliant work."

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