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PHM calls on WHO in the Western Pacific Region to confront the barriers to health development

The Western Pacific Regional Committee of WHO is meeting from 13 - 17 October, 2014 in Manila, Philippines. In consultation with health groups around the region PHM has prepared a detailed commentary on the main agenda items to be addressed during the meeting.We invite the delegates of member states to review the commentary and hope that it will further inform work in these areas.Please take time to read the PHM commentary.For more details, please read

53rd PAHO Directing Council: PHM demands unified and comprehensive health system depends on public financing and public provision of services

In its statement, PHM criticize the strategy on 'universal access to health universal health coverage'. The PHM congratulated member states for the removal of the explicit reference to 'basic health package' which appeared in previous drafts of the strategy. Among other concerns, member states choose to continue deal with, rather than challenging, the current power structures.Read the full statement.

Open letter to the delegates of the 53rd directing council of the Pan American Health Organization

The PHM of the Americas jointly with country chapters of Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Social (ALAMES) in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico have developed comments and suggestions regarding some of the items appearing on the agenda of the 53rd Directing Council of PAHO/66th Meeting of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas.

Global Health Watch 4: Organise your launch!

The Global Health Watch is widely perceived as the definitive voice for an alternative discourse on health. It integrates rigorous analysis, alternative proposals and stories of struggles and change to present a compelling case for the imperative to work for a radical transformation of the way we approach actions and policies on health. It is designed to question present policies on health and to propose alternatives. Find out more by visiting: www.ghwatch.org.

PHM in solidarity with the people in Gaza

The PHM strongly condemns the brutal armed attack by Israeli occupation military forces on Gaza. This aggression is in the context of a seven-year Israeli blockade of Gaza which has severely damaged Gaza’s health and sanitary infrastructure, destroyed employment opportunities and led to a severe shortage of basic necessities.

PHM supports a civil society statement calling for a stand-alone goal on EQUITY in the post-2015 development agenda

The PHM joined a large number of civil society organizations representing constituencies from all corners of the globe who are deeply alarmed by the proposal to combine the Goal 10 on Equality with other listed goals of the post-2015 developmental agenda. As the Post 2015 agenda is meant to guide development efforts over the next 15 years, it must recognize inequalities as one of the most vital issues of our time by having a clear goal to tackle inequality and by including equality-related targets into other goals. These two approaches are mutually supportive.

PHM Global News, June 2014

- PHM UK Health Assembly on Austerity and Social Exclusion
- PHM SA Supports the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) Health Care Service March
- TTIP will not bring health and wealth to the majority, but challenge democracy
And much more

PHM watches the 135th session of the WHO's Executive Board

The session is organized on 26-27 May 2014. The PHM, developed and distributed a detailed commentary on the agenda items of the meeting.The PHM, in collaboration with Medicus Mundi International, has develooped two statements to read duting the session on:

PHM urges WHO to encourage using compulsory licencing for inclusion of new drugs in essential list of medicines

While watching the 67th World Health Assembly, the PHM jointly with Medicus Mundi International submitted a statement on the the agenda item of the Assembly on 'Access to essential medicine). In its comment on the draft resolution on access to essential medicine, PHM emphasized the use of the TRIPs flexibilities, encourage the technology transfer and building the national capacity for pharmaceutical industry. Read the full statement.

PHM urges the WHO member states to disengage the organization from 'International Conference on Harmonisation' set up by big pharma

in a joint statement with Medicus Mundi International during the 67th World Health Assembly, the PHM expressed its concern on WHO’s participation in the ‘International Conference on Harmonisation - ICH’, a de facto standard setting body set up by the transnational pharmaceutical industry to serve their business interests. The ICH compromises the neutrality of the process of setting regulatory norms and standards. It seeks to raise the bar on acceptable manufacturing standards, and to globalise these.

PHM calls for effective action on the structural determinants of health

While watching the 67th World Health Assembly, PHM jointly with Medicus Mundi International released a statement. It indicated that the MDGs framework was based on a charity model that sought to palliate the effects of an unfair and unsustainable global dispensation, rather than seeking to change it. The structural problems we face include an unfair trade regime; an unstable financial regime; a global tax regime which drives tax competition and facilitates capital flight and tax a.

PHM urges WHO to prohibit the improper influence from pharmaceutical companies while addressing noncommunicable diseases

While watching the 67th World Health assembly, the PHM jointly with Medicus Mundi International (MMI) developed a statement on noncommunicable diseases. The statement stated that the control of NCDs is dependent on addressing their structural and social determinants including through national and global policies that constrain the tobacco, alcohol, food and beverages industries, from promoting their products in ways that are damaging to public health. Read the full statement.

Mass-arrests during peaceful protests against the European Business Summit

Some 500 trade unionists, students, citizens, farmers, EU election candidates and NGO's faced an intimidating police force during a peaceful demonstration against the European Business Summit, where also the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ('TTIP' or 'TAFTA') was being discussed.
Yet the demonstrators had full right to express their discontent over the undemocratic negotiations of the TTIP. The content of the negotiations are public secret, but BusinessEurope gets access and is allowed to participate in the negotiations.

PHM demands the WHO Director General for fairer report on the situation in occupied Palestine

The report of the WHO Secretariat for the 67th World Health Assembly ignored linking this limitation of mobility of Palestinians to the inaccessibility to health care facilities to practices of the occupation forces. It also failed to recognize the occupation, the continuous aggression of the occupation forces and the use of collective punishment as major threats to people’s lives, dignity, physical and mental health, and livelihoods. Read the full PHM statement.

Melinda Gates addresses the WHA: civil society registers its protest

For the third time during the last ten years, the WHO invited a member of Gates family to to address the World Health Assembly (WHA) . This year it was Melinda Gates. A number of civil soceity organizations and networks released a press statement in protest of this behaviour of the WHO.