People's Health Movement Nepal Circle

People’s Health Movement Nepal Circle is a network of individuals and organizations sensitized by the historic people’s health movement to raise their voice for people’s right to equitable and quality health and forward solutions to address it at regional, national and international level. It’s a coalition spearheaded by those academicians, health professionals and activists who believe that Health For All can and must be made a reality. The background for this congregation was set forth during the first People's Health Assembly at Savar, Bangladesh in 2000, where more than eighty activists from Nepal had participated. It works in close tie with PHM-Global secretariat and fosters the ongoing campaign at national level. The circle is linked with many grassroots level organizations and independent think tanks that are meticulously working for health for all in Nepal.

Inspired by historic events of the past and with encouragement from the PHM Nepal circle a new initiative has been taken by an enthusiastic group of Nepali students by establishing the student chapter of PHM Nepal circle- People's Health Movement Nepal Students' Circle (PHM-NSC) to foster the ongoing People's health movement for "health for all now" with small but meaningful contributions from students.  

Though new, People's Health Movement Nepal Students' Circle (PHM-NSC) is gaining popularity for its voluntary work in sensitizing students, professionals and individuals about people’s health movement in Nepal. PHM-NSC is an independent and concrete forum. The students who were repeatedly  frustrated while being involved in other student wings at  Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj Medical Campus made a resolution to create a space where they could talk about social determinants of health, issues of justice and equity and where there would be no need of pharmaceutics-sponsored snacks and cocktail parties to attract students. This ultimately culminated into PHM-NSC in the March of 2012.

The dream to make the world just and equitable where all have the right to basic minimum needs is the dream of all. It is a dream of an activist who has been touched by people’s health movement. It is your dream and mine, and a dream of young and old alike. All it requires is the support from all regardless of their education level, age, and color.

It is very well-known that students, of all kinds of groups are the ones with the interest, enthusiasm and power to bring social change, but the fact is they are never given them the chance to lead. With this in mind, a unique effort was set forth by students from Nepal to establish PHM Nepal Students’ Circle, a coalition of students motivated by historic people’s health movement. The close inputs from Dr. Mathura Pd. Shrestha, Dr. Sharad Raj Onta and Dr. Mahesh Maskey- the legendary PHM activists from Nepal have been crucial in boosting the students’ motivation for a visionary shape to the circle and in fighting the odds of never allowing the students to lead.

They started off with a group of about a dozen.-Tara Ballav Adhikari, Hari Aryal, Pawan Acharya, Dushala Adhikari, Aditya Shakya, Shiva Raj Mishra and many others were the ones committed towards bringing PHM-NSC to life. Since it was a student circle, they thought of creative ideas to make students aware of PHM agenda and importance of the right to health for all. They started out with a Public Lecture from Prof. Dr. David Sanders. Now, they have developed PHM Theater, PHM Discussion Forum and PHM Alliance. They have organized an executive committee, steering council and have also been planning to structure the senior leadership circle to provide constructive comments and ideas. In the meantime, the provision for membership is about to begin. They welcome all those who have faith in justice and equity and those who advocate for free and universal access to health.