Urgent Appeal to stop the massacre in Gaza Strip

27 Dic 2008

The vicious Israeli aggression on Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip adds to the suffering of the people who have been under an imposed siege causing a severe shortage of food, medicine, electricity and various types of fuel. The aggression which started this morning has killed and injured tens of Palestinians in Gaza.

We at the Health Work Committees call upon the international community to immediately intervene to protect the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip from the Israeli aggression and to stop the aggression immediately. Simultaneously, we demand protection for hospitals, ambulances, and health personnel to enable them to carry out their humanitarian duties towards the wounded and dead Palestinians, most of which are women and children. We also ask for the provision of medicines and materials including fuel for all hospitals in the Gaza Strip, which are already suffering from a shortage of these materials.

We stress the need for the international community take on the responsibility in the application of the international human rights laws and the Geneva Conventions that call for the protection of civilians. We also call upon the Arab countries, particularly the Arab Republic of Egypt to intervene immediately and open the border to humanitarian aid in general and specifically medical aid.

Health Work Committees Palestine