Kingsley Kwadwo Asare Pereko

Cape Coast
Central Region
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Pmb: University of Cape Coast, School of medical Sciences, Department of Community medicine. Cape Coast, Ghana
Titre, affiliation ou profession : 
mr, Lecturer/Nutritionist
University of Cape Coast
Commentaire sur la Charte: 

I believe it has outlined the reality of out time the low political commitment to the resolution of health issues in world and the third world countries has dealt a major blow to the aim of achieving health for all. Aside this, is the disjointed health actions in the promotion of health in the third world countries as well as the struggles as to who controls the resources for health interventions. Unity they say is strength, it is interesting how the charter is directed at ensure collaborated efforts in fighting a just course. All must get involve.

Suggestions pour le MPS: 
<p>I believe <span style="color: #111111; font-family: Verdana, 'Bitstream Vera Sans', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;"><span style="line-height: 19px;"><strong>&nbsp;PHM&nbsp;</strong>must raise community based activist whose efforts will be directed at&nbsp;monitoring the health delivery processes at the&nbsp;grassroots&nbsp;levels, raise communities awareness on their rights to health &nbsp;advocate for a change.</span></span></p>
J'approuve la Charte Populaire pour la Santé: