Latest Endorsements

The development of the People’s Charter for Health is considered as one of the most democratic processes during the first People's Health Assembly (PHA-1) in Savar, Bangladesh (December 2000), where around 1453 health activists from all over the world had equal chances to contribute to the drafting of the Charter.

The Charter was primarily endorsed by all participants of the PHA-1.

Eight years later, an Online Endorsement Form is developed. It aims at documenting further endorsements of the Charter and any suggestions for needed changes.

Endorse the People's Charter for Health here

Namesort descending Pays Organisation
Hannah Greijdanus Netherlands
Abdikarim Muse Ali Somalia DRDC
Maziko Hisbon Matemba Malawi Health and Rights Education Programme(HREP)
Gianna Milano Italy
dr chandrakant India SOCHARA
Masculino SEDUC
Eliane Maria Teixeira Leite Flores
Order Cheap Aceon Overnight No RX 30 UNICRUZ
Hina Tabassum Pakistan Children and Women Trust
Jonathan Broad United Kingdom
Julia Margaret Anaf Australia Southgate Institute of Health, Society and Equity, Flinders University of South Australia
Phungreiso Varu India Assam Don Bosco University
Amol Dilip Sonawane India
Alexander Bofu Chikonga Malawi Motivation Charitable Trust
Nondo Ebuela Ejano Tanzania Women's Promotion Centre
Saifullah Khan Pakistan Integrated Regional Support Program
MARTA BALZARINI Italy Università degli studi di Cagliari
Denis Axelrud Saffer Brazil Conceição Hospitalar Group
Alessandro Mereu Italy
Y Bhim Nie United States Montagnard Health Association (MHA)