Latest Endorsements

The development of the People’s Charter for Health is considered as one of the most democratic processes during the first People's Health Assembly (PHA-1) in Savar, Bangladesh (December 2000), where around 1453 health activists from all over the world had equal chances to contribute to the drafting of the Charter.

The Charter was primarily endorsed by all participants of the PHA-1.

Eight years later, an Online Endorsement Form is developed. It aims at documenting further endorsements of the Charter and any suggestions for needed changes.

Endorse the People's Charter for Health here

Name Pays Organisation
Reena Yadav Nepal Institute of Medicine (IOM)
Reena Yadav Nepal Institute of Medicine (IOM)
Ashok Patnaik United Kingdom University of Huddersfield
Mauricio López Manning Mexico
Will P. Condo United States
Kai Braker Germany Consultant
Bilquis Rehman Pakistan HANDS
Cynthia Fiorella Anticona Huaynate Peru Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Okech Matilda Achieng Kenya
Ajhar Ali India Nav Bhartiya Nari Vikas Samiti
Anita Buragohain India
claudia buratto Italy
Sue woolfenden Australia
Claudia Santos-Hövener Germany Robert Koch-Institute
Jessica Kazmierczak Germany
Riccardo Casadei Italy Univesrity of Perugia
Samantha Pegoraro Italy
SANDRA PATRICIA LA PORTA Argentina Parto en el hogar
Charles Owino Amolo Kenya Youth Empowerment Strategies (YES)